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Netizen's Reactions On The Proposal Of Landlord And Tenant Bill.

Currently, there is a proposal at the Kenyan parliament where landlords should give their tenants only one month to vacate the premises if they can't afford to pay the rent on time. This proposal has sparked different reactions from Kenyans. In this article, we will be looking into some of Facebook users' comments on the trending matter. Julius Marereh said, "When you own a house built via a loan which you pay monthly from the proceeds of the house, you will not even entertain a single month rent miss as the banks are after you. Whilst when you are the Tenant and have no regular income even staying for free will be quite inorder. Let everyone be on the side shoes and will speak differently. Landlords should be made to consider the plight of their tenants. Many times, they don't refund the deposit paid more so makes unrealistic charges till ends up charging more money to tenants Incase they are leaving the house." Below are screenshots of Kenyans' comments on Facebook, have a look at them.

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