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Analyst Alleges A Move That Was Meant To Loot KPLC Company, Alleges The Following

Many Kenyans have been left talking after discovering that there was a Kenya Power bid to higher foreign CEO and the alleged mission according to analyst Stephen Mutoro.

Mr. Mutoro has slammed the idea of hiring foreigner as the CEO yet Kenyans are tarmacking looking for jobs. As per Mutoro, the move to look for a foreign CEO was a strategic plan to take advantage to loot the company. He alluded to similar experiences that failed initially at KPLC and Kenya Airports Authority.

Stephen Mutoro said, “As Kenyans look for jobs, someone on Kenya Power board wanted to hire a foreigner as CEO. That was the move meant to take advantage to loot. Similar experience has failed before at KPLC and Kenya Airports Authority. No CEO will deliver without systemic and structural reforms!”

Hon Pavel Oimeke replied, “That would have been a new low for KPLC. It’s good the Ms. Yeda was exited. KP has a long way to go but first get the right Board in place and then hire a competent CEO. The rain is still going to beat us in the next few years!”

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