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How Kenyans Count Losses Through Poultry Farming

Kenyans have been dreaming to be millionaire through paultry farming mostly youths. But many people who end up in commercial farming end up having different experiences with this venture. With only a few people counting profits and many others counting losses.

Speaking as one of the farmers have been frustrated and disappointed in this business infact I curse the day I invested my Ksh 100,000 to this business. I fetched good cash during the first few months of venture I remember fully grown jogoo could cost between 1000 to 1500 until things changed and I shifted to improved kienyeji.

I ordered them from different farmers in Kiambu and Makueni, I started very well by feeding them on chick mash for a while. I followed all vaccination programs fews down line they had already consumed more than 60,000 thousand on feeds alone but there was no progress in their growth.

Doing simple maths 1kg could cost 250 shillings by then my cockerel were weighing averagely 1.5 kg multiplying this by average price this could not even give return on investment. I was very confused and I wonder why people come on live TV to say how they make millions through paultry farming.

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