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Avoid Using Wood Ash And Sand For Egg incubation, Use These Simple Materials For Higher Hatchability

Egg incubation is a very vital stage in poultry production. If one is not careful enough, the farmer can go at a greater loss of loosing all the eggs.

Egg hatchability depends on a variety of factors such good humidity. This is essential for it protects the developing chicks from dehydration. Apart from humidity, temperature is also another factor that should be looked into. One should provide optimum temperature that allows for survival of the chicks.

Proper ventilation and egg turning are also key factors that must be checked properly while carrying out the practice. Ventilation inside the egg is always necessitated by the porosity of the egg shell.

However, these are not the only factors that determines the hatchability percentage of eggs. This process is also affected by other factors like the fertility of the egg and the materials on which the eggs are lied while in the brooding system.

Many people use wood ash and sand to make a brooding system. However, this is not efficient enough because the particles of ash and sand always blocks the pores on the egg shell thereby preventing further ventilation. This consequently, lowers the percentage of the eggs hatched.

It is therefore advisable to use materials that will allow effective ventilation to occur. These includes; dry grass, sawdust and old pieces of clothes.

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