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"Sasa Hatutapika" See The News Prices Of Gas Cylinders

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Gas cylinder taxes have been raised by the Kenyan government, this measure had threatened the life of many Kenyans who are using gas cylinders as a means of cooking.

Here are the new prices of gas cylinders respectively to their weight or quality.

Total is one of the top companies in Kenya it is also the top around the region. A 3kg gas cylinder costs at Kenya shillings 2,060 and can be refilled at a price of Kenya shillings 640. A 6kg gas cylinder costs at Kenya shillings 4,220 and can be refilled at Kenya shillings 1,220.

A 13kg gas cylinder cost at Kenya shillings 7,310 can also be refilled for Kenya shillings of 2,610. The next is a 22.5kg gas cylinder it also costs 11,890 Kenya shillings and can be refilled at a price of Kenya shillings 4,590. A 50kg gas cylinder can be acquired at Kenya shillings 21,300 and can be refilled for 10,100 Kenya shillings.

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