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The Price of a Bajaj Tuk-tuk and The Profit You Can Make From Such a Business in Kenya per Day

Welcome again to my article. Today I'm going to talk about the price of a Bajaj tuk-tuk and the profit you can make from such a business in Kenya per day. Also remember to follow my page for more updates on business.

Tuk-tuk business is one of the most profitable and lucrative business in Kenya. This is due to the fact that such tuk-tuks are used for transporting people and goods from one place to another. This business always do well in towns, cities and market places because of the larger population occupying such areas.

Furthermore, people love using tuk-tuks as there means of transport because of the cheap and affordable services offered. Keeping in mind that most kenyans fall in the middle class and lower class.

The price of a Bajaj Tuk-tuk ranges from 200,000 kenyan shillings to 270,000 kenyan shillings. Such price are always negotiable because they are not fixed. Besides, the amount of profit you can make from such a business per day is 1500 kenyan shillings.

What is your opinion about such a business? Leave a comment below. Also like, follow my page and share. Thank you.

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