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Types of Bricks, Their Costs and Other Important Details you Need During Construction

There are several types of Bricks depending with their shapes, made and hardness. Some are used for construction while others are used to improve the beauty of the house or wall. Right now brick houses are cheaper compared with other building materials. Wooden houses have become so expensive due to high demand for timber in the market. Lumbering cost is also so high, bricks gives the best prices during construction.These are the most common types of bricks ;

1.Burnt bricks. These bricks have become so common nowadays because most people are using them to construct beautiful houses. They are usually molded from clay soil and then dried. They are then burnt to harden them for some days. These bricks are issually so hard and can't break easily. They can be used for constructing walls and concrete tanks.These bricks are cheap since they just require clay soil and labour to make.

2.Concrete Bricks.These bricks are usually made with cement and sand. They require mach labour to make depending with the number needed. They are done using a machine that is usually rented. They are quite expensive compared to other bricks since they require cement while making.There are mostly used is constructing partitions in a house.Sand and cement can also be used to make interlocking bricks. These bricks don't require cement during construct. They are cheaper and also used for beauty due to their nice patterns.

3.Lime bricks. They are made using lime and sand. These bricks are usually made for beauty purposes. They have a beautiful look. They are used to beautify walls, house pillars and inner walls in the house.

4.Engeneering bricks. These bricks are usually made using waterproof cement and sand. They are usually used to construct basement buildings since they don't absorb water. They can also be used in foundation.

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