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Revival of collapsed sugar sector in Western kenya is key to the Region's economic growth.

Western Kenya spans former provinces of Nyanza,Western and some sections and of Rift Valley.These areas a known to be agriculturally productive given abandunt rainfall and fertile land.For the longest time sugar farming has been the mainstay of these regions.For starters,Miwani Sugar factory in Kisumu county was the first of it's kind to established in the region in 1920s.Several other Sugar companies were established afterwards to tap the regions potential.

At it zenith,Mumias Sugar was the largest in Kenya until it came crumbling down due to various factors , mismanagement stated as being the key among other factors.Other sugar companies followed suit and as at now,almost all collapsed save for a few that operate albeirt far below their capacity.

Farmers in these sugar zones have been left to grapple with abject poverty due to disoperation of these sugar companies,not to mention the debts owed to them by this companies.Sadly the state has done little to salvage the situation, further complication the already dire state of affairs.

Unfortunately politicians from the region have made these problems a campaign tool to hoodwick the electorate into voting them with a promise to revive the sector,only to reappear during electioneering period with the same promises.

It's a high time the government consider reviving the sector to help jump the economy of the Larger Western Region.

Mumias sugar company.

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Kisumu Mumias Sugar Nyanza Rift Valley.These Western Kenya


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