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New Prices Of Gases According To Kgs

Cooking gas prices hit a six-year high after the Treasury reintroduced a 16 percent value added tax (VAT) on the commodity, adding to the pain of costly energy like fuel and electricity.

Cooking gas is known to be used by many Kenyans. Kenyans have this bitter news to swallow after the government imposed heavy taxes on them. The Treasury imposed a 16 % value-added tax on commodities. The Kenya Revenue Authority aimed to push the commodity out of reach many households.

Households will pay at least KSh 350 more for the 13kg cooking gas expected to retail at KSh 2,600 on average, a price level last seen in March 2015.

Unsubsidised LPG prices are now higher by Rs 28 compared to pre-pandemic levels. It works out to be costlier by Rs 231 for subsidised consumers as the government eliminated most DBT LPG subsidies when crude prices tanked last May, but did not restore them when oil prices rose.

Kenyans living in Naivasha are coming up with creative ways to get cheap and environment-friendly cooking and lighting gas in the wake of rising fuel prices.

They are using human waste from flush toilets to make biogas for cooking.

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