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BOOM: Tough Times Ahead For Kenyans As Equity Bank Tabulates New Bank Charges Amidst a Hard Economy

With effect from Today, 1st January 2023, members of the public in the Republic of Kenya will have to dig dipper into their pockets for transactions from bank to M-Pesa as charges are reintroduced back again.

The bank charges from all transactions made from bank to M-Pesa were lifted back in the year 2020 in the urge to ease the burden of the hard economical times brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the charges imposed will depend on the amount of money being transferred from the bank to the mpesa.

In their outlined table of charges, mobile banking transaction charges shall range between KSh 10 to KSh 67 which is not inclusive of government taxes. However, the transaction charges from Ksh 1-100 will be free.

Below is the tabulated charges in line with the amount to be transferred from the bank to the mpesa. The maximum charge is KSh 67 for a transfer of Ksh 20,001 to Ksh 150,000. Refer to the table below;

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