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How Build A Modern Zero Grazing Unit

Dairy farming is rapidly expanding in popularity in Kenya as a result of the potential financial rewards. Installing a zero grazing unit is the most efficient way to carry out this type of farming. Here are some tips to build a zero grazing unit on a shoestring budget.

1. Keep your design uncomplicated.

You should choose a simple design for the unit's structure that is equally simple to build and maintain. Avoid complicated ideas because they require more time, resources, and money to produce.

2. Use the resources available nearby.

You should choose to build a zero-grazing home using readily available materials like bricks and wood in order to save money.

Bricks are a more cost-effective and more durable building material if you live in an area where clay is widely available.

3. Location.

Any building you put up should let you pick the best location. The security and protection of the animals from environmental factors like rain and sunlight are influenced by the enclosure's location.

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