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Highly profitable small businesses to invest in.

It's good to start a business but it's better to get a profitable business. There are many small and profitable small businesses which you can start today. These businesses do not require a large amount of capital. Below are some of the highly profitable small businesses to invest in today.

1. Car wash business.

A well situated car wash business is profitable because it can generate alot of profits per day. Just by washing a single car, you get 300 shillings. Washing several of them wi bring lots of cash.

2. A butchery.

A good butchery will sell 30 to 40 kilograms per day. If you sell 1 kg that's a 50 shillings profit and that means you'll get 2000 shillings profit.

3. Delivery services.

You can choose to use your bike for delivering products to customers at a fee. The amount you get will depend on the clients you have.

4. A bakery.

You can start a home bakery and advertise your products through social media to get customers.

5. A grocery vendor.

Selling some fruits and vegetables maybe a good idea because every household needs one. It's profitable as long as you have fresh products.

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