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5 Ways Africans Can Make Big Money From Food and Agribusiness

Agriculture is essential to Africa's economy and a major source of wealth for many countries on the continent. Agriculture is lucrative for investors and farmers, making it ideal for Africans hoping to generate income. Are you wondering about some of the realistic ways you can make money from food and agribusiness? Consider these low-risk options, based on verifiable analysis and statistics obtained from reliable sources such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Investopedia, etc1. Agronomy consultancy.

1. Agronomy consultancy

According to a report on LinkedIn, agronomy consultants offer valuable advisory services in exchange for money. The average agricultural consultant in the United States earned $23 per hour in 2021, according to stats obtained from Glassdoor.

In Nigeria, the average salary of an agricultural consultant in Nigeria is N486,000 ($1,153) as of 2022. It's time for skilled Africans to take advantage of the growing industry and earn high reward

2. Investing in a farm

According to the World Scholarship Forum, investment in agriculture is a long-term wealth-building strategy that can elevate your life as an African. The report described agriculture as a highly recommendable safe investment option for everyone. Africans can make big money by investing in agricultural lands and crops like rice, maize, cassava, wheat, corn, and more.

Investopedia said investing in agriculture means supporting food processing, production, and distribution with your money. You can invest in agriculture by supporting crop production with fertilizers, seeds, and equipment for rewards.

3. Selling of farm produce

According to a report by Guardian Nigeria, selling farm produce is lucrative for investors. It is a money-making strategy in Africa because buying and selling farm produce to consumers at a cheaper rate allows Africans to make big money.

You can earn high profits by selling vegetables, rice, coconut, beans, cassava, potatoes, plantain, and more. African can make money as a retailer or partner with a farm in food and agribusiness.

4. Farmland yield

According to report on Harvest Returns, food and agribusiness investors can earn high profits from harvested crops and fruits. The report detailed how investors can secure their yields through long-term contracts with customers or tenant farmers. You can harvest these crops annually or monthly on farmlands.

It's time for Africans to benefit from the market of unlimited possibilities. Keep in mind that crop insurance protects investors and farmers in the event of a catastrophe. Farmland yield is beneficial to both the investor and farmer.

5. Packaging and Storing Farm Produce

According to Profitable Venture, you can make big money from food packaging because millions of people across the world consume packaged goods. However, the report emphasised the need of research and a good business plan to guarantee that you will earn high rewards. Africans with good business plans can earn big rewards by packaging and storing farm produce.

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