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The money math of Kienyeji chicken farming in kenya

Kienyeji chicken can be very profitable if you run your chicken farming enterprise like a business, with a proper chicken business plan.

So the question becomes how then can kienyeji chicken become profitable and what are the steps to be taken to end up successful .Here it is:

Having at least 20 hens and 3 jogoos for a start is well off, this is to ensure a proper ratio between males and females. On the first month they lay, ensure to keep all the eggs for the hatching period. On the second month they hatch and on the third month they rear their chicks. Have the chicks stay with their mother for a month at this time the chicks no longer need warmth from their mother so you take a step and rear them. This is to force the hens to start laying and begin their three month process again.After four to five months the chicks have matured and ready to start laying and they start to undergo the three month process. At the end of a year you will find yourself having more than 200 chickens.

In order to end up successful here are the steps you need to consider:

1.Have a bussiness plan land, capital and necessary equipments

3.conduct a research to gain proper knowledge on kienyeji chicken farming.

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