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Buy Improved Kienyeji Chicken Breeds Which Making Huge Profits

Chicken are among the most precious domestic birds reared in Kenya. They are a noble source of proteins from their eggs and meat. The science and art of rearing chicken for egg and meat production is known as poultry farming.

The profit margins obtained from the sale of chicken meat and their products largely depends on the breeds. Many farmers who begin the poultry farming business ventures without properly understanding the chicken qualities mostly end up depressed and quit. The many qualities that one should consider are the age, maturity, Body weight, disease resistance and the quality of eggs and meat.

Below are improved chicken breeds that have huge profit margins.

Kuroiler chicken

They are among the best reared breeds in Kenya. Kuroiler chicken breed unlike the indeginious breeds are heavy feeders hence weigh above 3 kilograms. They are also best known for laying large eggs with a bright yellow egg yolk that many farmers love. Kuroilers have a short maturing period hence can easily be reared for multipurpose production.Such breeds lay up to 150 eggs in a year when well maintained.

Kenbro chicken.

These breed is also a dual purpose one as it is commonly reared for both meat and eggs. Kenbro breed rearing started a decade ago and was brought about by kenchic. They developed a more disease resistant breed that could also be reared on open ranges.In a span of 5 months, the chicken breeds are fully mature to lay eggs and are ready for meat. Kenbros also feed heavily and could even weigh 4 kilograms.

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Kenya Kienyeji Kuroiler


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