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Is Hand Tractor Affordable To All Farmers, This Is How Much It Cost.

Mechanisation has gone to another level and this has made the work of many people easy especially farmers. Farm tool mechanisation has made agriculture more reliable and has easen the work of farmers.

In recent past many people depended majorly on human labour, during cultivation farmers could hire individual who they paid to cultivate for them their piece of land. Though this method still exists but it is not common like it was in some few years ago.

Currently there are many farm machines a farmer can buy and minimise on the amount of money pays to those who work for him.

Hand tractor machine is a form of machine which you can you to plough your land without using to much efforts and reduce the cost you will spend on paying labours.

Hand tractor machine cost roughly between 70,000 Kenya shillings to 100,000 Kenya shillings. The cost will depend with the size of the hand tractor you want to buy, engine power among many other factors that you may consider as a farmer.

With this machine you can also plough for other farmers and get good payment in return, you can decide to charge the service you offer to other farmers. You charge per hectares or per acres you plough for an individual. This can also generate for you a good income since per hectares you can charge roughly 1,500 shillings and it can not take you more than 2 hours before you complete this task.

If you are incapable of affording this hand tractor you can partner with a fellow farmer or a friend so that you can buy one, or alternatively you can opt for micro loan and buy one of your own that is if you are not interested in partnership. This hand tractor can change a farmers life since it can increase the amount of farm products you will produce. This is because you can plough a large piece of land without using a lot of energy.

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