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Real estate


Real Estate Business Is Currently One Of The Most Profitable Business.

Real estate business involves buying a land, rental houses, apartments among many other related things and selling them at higher price than the original price you bought them at. This is one business activity that can currently generate for an individual a good income.

With this kind of business you don't have to wit for a day to end or a month, you just need to socialize and have information about a person selling either a piece of land or rental houses you buy from him and sell to another person.

To Start this business you need roughly 1.5 million shillings this will enable you carry on with your business successfully. How to make good amount of money from this business, you can follow these tips.

Buy a piece of land for example 2 hectares of land in that piece of land plant trees and sell after one year or two. Actually with trees planted in that piece of land if you bought it a 200,000 shillings then you can sell it after 2 years at 350,000 shillings.

If it is rental houses, for example 30 rooms and let's assume you bought them all at 500,000 shillings. Spend a little amount of money and renovate the rooms, give them a new look that will attract customer who want to buy rental houses. If you used a total of 550,000 shillings then sell your plot of land at roughly 750,000 shillings.

Do so to the apartments you will buy also since that is the best way you can make good amount of profit from this business.

With this kind of project you will never go broke and you will only deal with huge amounts of profits that can change a persons life within a short period of time.

When buying lands, apartments, rental houses among many other things you must be keen and ensure that you are given valid documents like title deeds among other documents that you may need.

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