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Opinion: Forget Tarmac, Here is a Technology Kenya Can Use to Build its Roads to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Tarmacking is one of the widest used technology in the world when building roads. The use of aggregates or concrete when tarmacking has been in the market for a very long time. However, another technology has just rocked the market. The use of geocells.

It is a road building technology that involves laying geocell filled with asphalt or mixed aggregates. The geocells are used to improve the strength/ bearing capacity of weak soil strata and arrest the settlement due to loading. Engineers are using them as a reinforcing materials and putting asphalt or aggregates into the holes of the geocell.

These geocells also arrests the lateral displacement of the asphalt mix aggregate subsequently increasing the loading capacity of the road. The water permeable grid paving is an alternative to aggregates or concrete roads. Don't you think Kenya need to employ this technology on its roads to increase durability and reduce maintenance costs? Drop your comments and let's hear your thoughts.

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