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Netizens React To The New Prices Of Maize Flour.

The fuel prices that are relatively high have caused an increase in price of basic commodities since they are produced and transported by fuel.The price of Unga maize meal at the supermarket ranged from Ksh 199 to Ksh 197. The price will depend on the brand you want to buy.

The sugar price, according to the source, remained high, as a 1 kilo pack is sold at 160 and a 2 kilo pack is sold at 300.

Cooking oil prices, which had dropped last month, have this month increased to a retail price of Ksh 630 per 2 liters and Ksh 1,000 per 3 liters. Wheat flour at Nivas ranged between Ksh 199 and Ksh 210 per 2 kg.

In the run-up to August’s presidential polls, Ruto had promised to deal with the situation with urgency should he win.

"We shall reduce the cost of living; just give me one year to deal with it," Ruto told residents of Kibera slums in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

Netizens react:

𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐲: 179 is still too much because there are still Kenyans who cannot reach it. We're still waiting for it to go back to where it was because normally the cheapest maize flour was 85 Bob, but thank you, Ruto, for this.

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