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Business Management analysis

How to Attract Customers To Your Business

Most Kenyan entrepreneurs are after physical business space which is quite a challenge to most of them. They are putting more effort in addition of capital, which is very considerable but they don't major on ways of influencing customers. For more information, you can adjust on what you want and improve on your business as follows:

1. Launching New best products;

If an entrepreneur has a retail shop selling a particular product, he or she need to identify a unique product which is not wide spread in the market. This will make it easy for him or her get many customers, who will want to have a new taste of the commodity.

2. Offering proper discounts;

Giving proper discounts to customers, will promote encouragement to most people, who will want to make high purchases. If a product his of high quality and proper discounts is accorded to it then most people will rush to buy it.

Consider adding such a discount to your customers when they purchase products to your shop. It's good to offer customers privacy for conversation, but make sure you invest in the necessary security protections to prevent loss of stock to theft.

3) Create Blog Posts and Videos;

Share Your Expertise If you are a skilled stylist or particularly skilled at working with scarves, offer videos on how to make new outfits from existing pieces. Write blog posts about how to determine the quality of fabrics.

4) Capture Attention of your Customers;

No matter your location, drawing eyes to your store will be a great investment. Make decorations which can influence your customers come near to your shop to order for goods.

If your shop is on a walking route, make sure you have a sidewalk sign letting potential shoppers know what’s new and exciting in your space. If you have a parking lot around the back, consider creating a directional tee-pee sign.  You can set out each day to direct drivers to your private parking.

For more information please follow me share and give me your comments where necessary.

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