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How Cost of Basic Items Looks Like After Oil Tax Review


The country's fuel cost are often higher than the prices charged by her neighbours because Kenya has seven taxes charged on fuel compared to other nations in the region.

With indicators that there would be upward review of fuel, what does that mean to the common citizen? With Kenya's manufacturing industry heavily reliant on fuel for production, then the high prices would be pushed to the consumer. The oil price's rise over the past three months have largely coincided with market swings.


For instance, the price of cooking oil went up by several shillings, with some brands hiking by tens of shillings. Therefore several basic items of shillings. Mechanical machines in these factories rely fuel to operate.

Mechanical machines in these factories rely on fuel to operate. When the oil prices go up, consequently pushing up the prices set on consumer goods, such as food and oil products.


Therefore the cost of living in Kenya is set to make a meteoric rise as energy prices register a significant increase in recent months. Both electricity and fuel prices have registered major increases, which is expected to have ripple effects and other businesses

Expected to further push up the cost of their products and services, including essentials.

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