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Top 3 Emerging Residential regions around Nairobi

Kenya's capital Nairobi has one of the fastest population increase in Africa.

To keep up with the rapid growth, Nairobi has seen a huge number of real estate investments especially on residential projects.

Since the city is undergoing expansion outwards with more people residing in the city's outskirts, several regions have seen notable growth.

Below are 3 emerging regions around Nairobi that are focusing more on residential capacity of the citizens:


The Growth of Ruaka Town in Kiambu County, Nairobi Metro Area <a class=Kenya // Ndenderu to Two Rivers - YouTube"/>

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The fast growing town is located along Limuru road. It hosts a thriving residing environment thanks to the booming real estate activities there.

Homes are available for low to high income earners.


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The region has over the last couple of years seen a vast amount of apartments coming up especially targeting middle income families.


Kitengela, the new home of notorious criminal gangs - The Standard

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The area has emerged as a residential hub for commuting passengers of Nairobi.

The infrastructural developments that have taken place around the place over the years with the likes of the expansion of Athi river - Mlolongo road have made it suitable to reside around the region.

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