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Plastic Recycling Business

Plastic Business, is Worth Tapping.

Ever wondered where used plastic containers end up ?

I will state the basics of this business.


This requires the owner to have various collection points and a reliable vehicle. It should be noted that depending on the distance to the yard, the scrap plastic is bought at a price ranging from 20-40ksh


From collection the plastic waste is sorted to various types mainly the pp and hope.


The sorted plastic waste is crushed then thoroughly washed


The washed material is run through a series of heat process to end up with pellets like final raw material which is then taken to the market for a final product.

Just like any business, the plastic business is not that smooth it has got some of its dark corners.

The business is so lucrative and I would encourage anyone with the motive of starting this business to Inquire into it before starting it.

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Plastic Business Plastic Recycling Business


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