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Expensive Variety Of Pawpaw Fruit That Can Produce More Than 50 Fruits Per Tree

Turning farming activity into a profitable Agricultural activity is currently the easiest thing a farmer can do within a short period of time. Many people currently have specialised in farming and depend on the farm products to earn them profits.

To earn lucratively from your farm project you should choose the right plant or crop that you want to grow. Currently fruit farming is one of the most profitable farming activities. There are a good number of fruit plants one can grow and earn good income. Some of these include paw paw plantation, orange plantation, avocado plantation among many other fruits one can grow.

When you want to initiate fruit farming project you have to consider some of the vital factors like, how long to the plant take before reaching maturity, how long does its fruit take to ripen, Are the fruits on demand and can generate for someone good amount of money among many other factors that you will consider.

Let's talk about the new variety of paw paw which is lady red F1 variety. This is currently the best variety of paw paw seed that one can plant and earn a good amount of money during the harvest.

When planted it take roughly 8 months to reach maturity and after those months it will start flowering. After flowering it takes only something like 3 to 4 months for it to produce mature and ripe paw paw fruits.

You need only one acres of land to start this project if you are a beginner. One acres of land can accommodate roughly 1000 lady red paw paw plants. One lady red paw paw plant can produce roughly 54 to 100 paw paw plants and one can roughly measure 3 kgs, that is if you planted your paw paw plants in fertile soil.

Now if you planted one acres within one and a half year you will harvest roughly 54,000 fruits and each paw paw fruit cost roughly 30 to 50 shillings depending with the size, therefore you can make roughly 1,620,000 shillings.

With paw paw fruits you can not lack market for your fruits since this is a common fruit that most people like. Alternatively you can sell to Kenya papaya product limited an acro processing company based in bandera along the Chavakali - Kaimosi road in Vihiga county, Western Kenya.

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