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How You Can Sell Eggs, Chickens And Other Poultry Products Quickly With Little Costs Incurred

Many farmers find it challenging to quickly sell off their poultry products faster than they wish due to factors such as low demand but also due to poor or no marketing techniques used. As a farmer, while you concentrate on other sections of your poultry business, you must give special attention to your sales and marketing department, after all, your ultimate goal is to make sales and make profits. In this article, I briefly explain how you can sell your poultry products much faster than before.

1) Directly Sell To The Final Consumer

As a farmer, try your best not to sell your chicken products to middlemen because this in one way or another lowers the speed of your sales. To regularly sell directly to the final consumer, you ought to have your store whereby a final consumer walks in and buys your products. Do not sell in small amounts but rather in crates for the case of eggs.

2) Internet Marketing

Many poultry farmers have no idea about marketing their products on the internet. If you do not put your products out there on the internet, you will not have a wider market. This is because countless potential customers are surfing the internet to discover where to get poultry products. As a farmer in this day and age, create a website and social media accounts and start social media marketing. Post eye-catching pictures and caption them. Do this vigorously and you will get enough customers.

3) Employ a Marketeer

This is also a proven way of selling your poultry products in big numbers if done correctly. All you need to do is employ committed and dynamic marketeers to market your products while they earn a certain percentage as commission.

4) Slaughter And Process Your Products

There is no rocket science in slaughtering your chickens or turkeys and selling them to the final consumer. As a farmer, you will need to establish and adhere to high standards of hygiene to attract high-end consumers like hotels and restaurants. In addition, you ought to package your meat neatly to attract customers.

5) Feed Your Birds Well

Healthy, big poultry birds and eggs easily attract consumers. It is only when your flock is well fed that this can be realized. So, try your level best to feed your chickens on a balanced diet as it will determine what size of the market you will receive.

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