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No Expensive Chicken House Again, Use This Cheaper Method To Construct Your Chicken House.

Sometimes it may be expensive to start up a poultry Farming because of the expensive cost of putting up the chicken structures. Some individuals have used temporary structures to put up the chicken house. Use of iron sheets and wire mesh is the most common method used to build these structures. However, setting up these structures is highly expensive.

Alternatively, we can use plastic drums to act as the chicken laying ground and sleeping area. This will help in saving the extra amount that would have been spent in constructing the iron sheet structures.

To construct these houses, used drums or new drums are cut at one end to provide a doorway for chickens. They are then placed on top of one another and tighten strongly to the ground. Wire mesh are then used to restrict the movement of the birds. Feeding basins and water are hanged at the restricted doors. The metal wire mesh at the door is made in such away that it is movable.

This method is generally cheap compared to putting up iron sheet structures. You can improve the comfortability of the birds by applying grass or hay on the floor.

Below are some of the drum structures.

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