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3 Profitable economy sectors creating billionaires in the world

This article is written with a solemn aim of enlighiting and educating entrepreneurs on where to put their resources for investments. These are well analysed sectors that are generating a good renenue to multiple investors. The four best economic sectors that one should invest their resources are highlighted below.

1. Technology: companies such as Apple, Amazon and Tesla boast success attributed mainly from the technological innovations. Many people are opting for advanced technology which simplifies lifestyle through artificial intelligence and robotics. This in turn provides customers to the tech sector increasing profits.

2. Healthcare: it includes hospitals, pharmaceuticals and laboratories which seek to control and curb the spread of illnesses. The change in lifestyles attracts dangerous diseases such as cancer which need to be treated through advanced technology such as scanning and radiography.

3. Energy: these are industries based in harnessing solar, oil, gas and wind to produce energy. Clean and renewable energy is the most preferred as it saves the environment and is always reusable. One should set up gas stations and install solar panels for clean energy

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