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Price Of Fuel, Unga, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Wheat Flour, Beef And Sukuma Wiki Revealed

On 14th of December 2022 EPRA announced the fuel prices against the expectations of Kenyans as they expected the fuel prices to reduce. The fuel prices remained the same.

In this article am going to share the food prices but I will be starting with the fuel prices that remained the same.

According to the source a Litre of Petrol will retail at ksh 177.30, the Diesel price will remain at ksh162 and finally kerosene remained at 145.94.

The fuel prices that are relatively high have caused an increase in price of basic commodities since they are produced and transported by fuel.

The price of Unga maize meal at Naivas supermarket ranged between ksh 199 to ksh 210. The price will depend on the brand you want to buy.

The sugar price, according to the source, remained high as a 1 Kg pack is sold at ksh 160 and 2kg pack is sold at 300.

Cooking oil prices which had dropped last month has this month increased to a retail price of ksh, 630 per 2 litres and ksh 1,000 per 3 litres.

Wheat flour at Nivas ranged between ksh 199 and ksh 210 per 2 kg.

The source has also reported that Sukuma Wiki and Matumbo increased by 50% and 48.4% respectively.

Here is what the source has posted;

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Beef Cooking Oil Diesel Sukuma Wheat Flour


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