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Motorists Now Paying To Gain Entry To Zoned Area

The roadblocks put to cease movement of the people from other countied to the zoned area, seem to have brought about a new culture. The long queues witnessed on these roadblocks are as a result of currupt learders who are bold enough to go ahead and negotiate with drivers. This is a vice which is further becoming a threat to the people.

Corrupt police are seen taking bribe to allow motorists to enter and leave the zoned region. Several motorists who do not have the required documents to access the region have been doing it after paying some money to these officers.

The amount which is said to be between Ksh 100 and 200, is giving passengers and drivers a go ahead. This risks the people's lives and also slows down the government effort to curb the spread of corona virus. The police officers should be disciplined enough to enforce laws and not help in breaking them.

The government should go ahead and work on arresting those officers who are corrupt and who are not human enough to protect tbe people against the disease which is killing more people each passing day.

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