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Meet The Successful Farmer Without Hands Raised By A Single Mom

A South African farmer by the name Sibusio Mogale from Mpumalanga has shocked many people because of his efforts in farming. He is enjoying the fruits of his work even though he has no hands which is a severe disability. Mogale is a farmer in Mpumalanga and he was born without both hands. Mogale's mother was unemployed and his father was in jail. This made Mogale and his mother to relocate to another province to find a means of living.

The fact that he had no hands made it difficult for him to secure a formal learning institution around his home area as most schools rejected him. This is also a reason that made him move to a different area.

For a man who grew up in such a harsh and hard environment with everything seemingly against him, his resilience to rise past the issues is something worth celebrating.

This has really proved that disability is not inability. What's your view concerning this story?

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