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Types Of Maize Cereals You Should Know

Maize is an important cereal crop in the world which provides staple food to many populations. In some countries, maize is a source of income to farmers. Here are some types of maize grown in the world.

1.White Maize.

This is the common corn in the world most people eat. It is also one of the grains that are used to manufacture cooking oil.

2.Red Maize.

They are one of the corns that are sweet when roasted. This type of maize has ears which are wrapped in a tight bound lime hued husks with silks and a tassel that extend out from the tip.

3.Dent corn.(Yellow Maize.)

This grain was first used by people in Mexico. The difference between yellow and white maize grains is due to the color of the nutritive tissue which covers up the embryo in the seed, called the endosperm. Most Nigerians cook their Ugali using these yellow maize.

4.Puple Maize.

Most maize become purple in color due to a pigment that forms when there is more sugar in the leaves than the plant can utilize. Purple maize are good in reducing inflammation and diabetes.

5.Purple and White Maize.

These kind of maize's taste is very unique and very refreshing from other corns.

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