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Congratulations: Larry Madowo Shares Friday Good News With Fans After Months Of Being Offline.

For those who do not know who Larry Madowo is, he is a celebrated media personality in Kenya who started working at NTV and when more blessings dawned on him, he was promoted to work with BBC and CNN. Apparently, Larry Madowo has been living a lucrative life in the United States of America where he works and so far many people who want to be great journalists always look forward to Larry Madowo as their main icon. Now recently, fans actually noticed that Larry Madowo has been missing and even his social media pages had not been updated from February this year. Many people were actually concerned since Larry Madowo is an active social media person and his absence was creating some worries to people who kept on texting him but couldn't get a reply from him. Today however, we woke up to some good Friday news from Larry Madowo after months of being offline. He was actually celebrating one of his biggest achievements in life after two years of delay. Larry Madowo was graduating with a Master's in Business &Economics Journalism from the University of Columbia New York City. Congratulations Larry Madowo.

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