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Migori Gold Miners Exposed For Spending Their Hard Earned Money On 'Prostitutes' Instead Of Family

Most men in Migori engage in very tough activities such as fishing all day and others dig gold in dangerous mines. We have heard of cases where gold miners have died in mines and at some point the rescue mission is always so difficult that some survive while others end up dying. Apparently, they get little money from their jobs but instead of using it wisely, majority decide to spend it on 'night nurses' instead of taking it home for family members to use. As reported by Nairobian newspaper, the miners after pay do not even spend the night home and they just call acting like they have important businesses to catch up. They end up hiring hotel rooms where they spend thousands of money on the 'night nurses' and before they realize it, they are already poor hence they have to go and risk their life in the dangerous gold mines again. This basically has led to the increase spread of HIV and other STDs. According to statistics, Migori is the leading county with the highest number of infected patients. Source, County News.

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