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Rich People Problems: Sudden Wealth Syndrome And It's Symptoms

Have you ever heard of psychological wealth counselling? Well maybe you aren't wealthy enough yet to need it. Some psychologists specify on wealth counselling to individuals with wealth related mental issues such as sudden wealth syndrome.

Sudden wealth syndrome (SWS) is a type of distress that afflicts individuals who suddenly come into large sums of money. Sudden wealth syndrome symptoms include feeling isolated from former friends, feeling guilty about their good fortune, and extreme fear of losing their money.

It's hard to imagine that too much wealth could lead to financial stress as poverty is more assisted with financial stress.

Individuals with Sudden Wealth Syndrome may have acquired their wealth through a lottery win, become rich trading cryptocurrency like bitcoin, or received a large inheritance.

I bet most people myself included would wish to suffer from this syndrome as serious as it sounds.

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SWS Sudden Wealth Syndrome


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