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Business Management analysis

Small Type of Business That Can Earn You Big Profits

It's very hard to get a small type of business which can bring you profits consistently. A butchery is a place where meat is sold. It might be meat from pig, cow, goat, sheep or chicken. You can choose to sell more than one type of meat if you have space in your butchery. One of the vital things you must do is to ensure the location of the butchery is in a good place. This is important because people will be able to see your business and provide the market for it.

Another important thing to consider is your source of meat. It should be reliable to ensure you don't run out of stock. You worker who is called a butcher should be clean. Meat customers look at things such as cleanliness of the place they are buying meat. A kg of meat sold for example in Nairobi brings a profit of 50 shillings because it's buying price from the slaughter is 400 shillings and selling price is 450 shillings. You can also ready to eat meat at a higher price. Advertise your business in social media and local areas. You might be able to get contract of supplying several kgs of meat to returabts schools or hospitals everyday. If you manage to sell 40kgs of meat in a day that will be 2k profit for you.

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