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Make Millions by Growing Profitable Crop (Photos)

Tomato Farming is currently considered one of the most profitable business ventures in Kenya. The fruits are considered as one of the most profitable crops as their demand has highly risen and they are a must include even in lucrative dishes. Their red color while ripe is so attractive as well as their taste generally.

Tomato Farming when done correctly can easily make the farmer a millionaire when the varieties chosen are the best. Many farmers hesitate taking risks and Venturing into the lucrative tomato business as they are less knowldegable about the crops.

The Anna F1 tomato variety is one that most farmers are not concerned with. It is a Monsanto hybrid and it is characterized by very high yields, low labour and they are resistant to tomato diseases such as nematodes and stem canker.

Anna F1 variety has always been on the peak of production when grown in green houses. The fruits mature so fast within 75 days of trans planting hence the harvesting is done twice a year. The breed ends up producing 65,000 Kgs per acre of land.The current price of 1kg is at 100 shillings hence a total of 6, 500, 000 shillings will be earned. When expenses are subtracted the profits are more than 2,000,000 shillings yearly.

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Anna F1 Monsanto Tomato Farming


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