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Two Lucrative Profitable Business Opportunities Which Any Individual Can Start

In Today's World, the unemployment rate is a bit very high and as a result many individuals are starting investing in businesses in order to a earn a living. With the high number of individuals graduating from various institutions in the Country making many people to be jobless since the white collar jobs are minimal as compared to the yearly graduands.Despite this, there are many business ideas which individuals can commence and try their luck in the business sector.The following are some of good businesses which an individual can start in Kenya.

1.Mobile phone business - It's one of the profitable business opportunities which an individual can start in Kenya. This business opportunity is very sensitive since it operates with communication gadgets. With a start up Capital of Ksh 100000, you're able to start a small mobile phone business. The start up Capital will cater for the following.

A.Business license permit -ksh 10000

B. Deposit plus Rent - Ksh 15000

C.Startup inventory - Ksh 50000

D.Miscelenious - 10% of the start up Capital.

2.Selling of Memory cards, flash disks - it's another profitable business opportunity which goes hand in hand with the mobile phone business. The startup capital is a bit cheap as compared with mobile phone business. With Ksh 10000 you're able to commence this type of business opportunity.

In order for your business to sail through, remember to put your commitment well in the business and make sure that you've a good working plan for your business.

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B. Deposit C.Startup Capital D.Miscelenious


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