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Advertising Marketing

Marketing Strategies One Need to Use to Grow His/Her Business

There are three major categories;

1. Traditional Marketing.

This includes methods such as printing adverts, broadcast,direct mail and advertising on the radio and television. This tends to be a wider strategy that includes multiple methods but excludes online and also personal selling.

It becomes very effective since it reaches all local audiences. Advertisements can be kept for a long period of time, that is if they are physical, for example, billboards.

Printed material and adverts on larger mediums are often viewed as more trustworthy by customers hence increasing sales.

2. Digital/Online Marketing.

It refers to advertising that is done online or with other digital technologies. This type of marketing tekes advantage of the prevalence of the internet to appeal to other businesses.

It has become so effective and wildly popular due to the cultural, technological, and societal shifts in current world.

It has an added advantage in that once a customer interacts with a seller's advertisement on Google, Facebook, Instagram or any other channel, you can track them and use that data to retarget them in the future.

3. Personal Selling.

It takes the advantage of creating face to face relationships with customers.The seller is required to promote the product through their attitude, appearance and specialist product knowledge. They aim to inform and encourage the customer to buy.

Since a customer can get advice on how to use the product there is likelihood of purchasing the product.

Personal Selling also creates a very high customer attention and this becomes an added advantage.

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