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Checkout The Price of Buying a Milk ATM Machine and the Money you can Make in a day

Right now so many things are changing for a better world. Many towns right now have many milk ATM machines that make good money. The best thing with this machine is that it works automatically and don't need an assistant. As long as it is connected to the power it can operate so well. All you need is to make sure it is located in a cool place that will attract many customers. In a single day, a milk ATM machine can serve unlimited number of customers.The machine usually sells at any price starting from ksh 10.It is usually cheap and even fast. An added advantage to the owner is that the machine can operate a whole day because it has a cooling system and also a milk conservation system. If we get to statistics, a single day this ATM can sell even 10 litres of milk or even more depending with the number of customers and the quantity they buy. One litre of milk goes at a wholesale price of ksh 40.Selling from an ATM one litre can make even 60 ksh.

This means that a single litres makes a profit of ksh 20.If you manage to sell 20 litres in a day which is very possible you will make about 400 in a day. If you want to work well in this business you can also sell Maziwa mara, and yoghurt at the same shop you have installed this ATM. This will help to raise your daily earnings.A milk ATM goes at a price of 50,000, this means that with a capital of 80,000 you can start and operate this business. Follow this account for more business ideas. Please share

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