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Five profitable small businesses that require low capital to start

There are very many different businesses one can venture in today. The bottom line is that the business you are starting today makes profits and enables you to pay your bills. Below are some of the small businesses that require low capital to start.

1. Saloon/ barbershop.

You can start a saloon or barbershop today if you have a minimum of 10k. All you need is a place you can start your business and some equipments such as shaving chair, two or three shaving machines or blow dryers.

2. A car wash.

For the starts you need a yard and a reliable source of water. This you will need approximately 5k. On the other hand if you can afford pressure machine, the better as it will improve your services to the customers.

3. Eatery or small resturant.

The most important thing is a good space for the business. Other things includes table and chairs. You may need to have 15k to start this.

4. An online tutor.

An online tutor is someone who teaches people online. You pay a certain agreed for to access his services. All you need to start this Isa laptopor computer and network.

5. A butchery.

To start a butchery you will need a space. You can rent a space at a residential area. Some capital for stock and butchery equipments such as weighing machine and knives. This will cost you approximately 20k.

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