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Don't Construct Without These Materials. See Their Benefits.

Construction can't stop. people want to build good houses and enjoy them. Government also want to improve on infrustructural developments by Building roads. All these activities involve incorporation of various materials to make it effective. Therefore, while constructing roads these materials should be used. Rubber/elastic material stripes. They are placed on road during Construction. Another name is Geo-belts.

Geo-belts are anchored at the centre with steel bar. The anchorage depends on already backfilled materials. The purpose of this is to hold the concrete panels into position as well the panel holding the backfilled materials. The rubber materials is used to hold in place concrete blocks. This helps sustain them against soil pressure during and after the Construction of the road. They are elastic, strong and durable to provide long last of the road. With no upright concrete wall, the soil embarkment would spread down further thus demanding more land for the road being constructed. We have soft soils that need to be endorsed. In this case the plastic materials can be used to enhance tension calibration and neutral axis.

Have you ever seen this in any Construction site? These might be some of its purpose. Which other material do you know that is used to Construct roads and what's its use? Leave your comment here. You can share this to your friends. This will help them give their views.

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