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What Exactly is This " Wash Wash " Business Everyone is Talking About.

Recently Kenyans have been shocked finding out that actually there is another business that has operating illegally. This business is commonly known as "Wash Wash" business.

This business is mostly carried out by politicians, famous business people and police officers. Below are some forms of this business.

1. Selling fake gold.

This business of selling fake gold mostly targets musician, politicians and other rich members of the society. They are conned millions of money through this illegal business.

2. Fake Rolex watches.

This business also targets the rich. Fake rolex watches are displayed in hotels and clubs where they mostly visit. They are then convinced to but them thinking that they are original.

Lastly, Fake notes are also a form of "wash wash" business.

Fake notes have been circulating in the economy for long. Some people make fake currency and steal from Kenyans. This business targets everyone mostly M-Pesa agents.

Please be careful when buying anything of great value.

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Kenyans Rolex Wash Wash


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