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How Sugarcane Vendors Earn Good Money from their Little Hustle

While many will disregard some businesses, especially the learned, determined individuals will grab every opportunity to put a meal on their table. Sugarcane vending is common along the streets and estates in all major towns in Kenya and if you've never known, it is very much well paying. You'll spot people strolling around with sugarcane on wheelbarrows, chopping them for by-passers for about 10-20 shilling. But have you ever wondered if the business is profitable? Yes it is. Here's is an overview of how much a sugarcane vendor can make in a day.

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While a stalk of sugarcane goes for about 20-30 shillings from wholesalers, vendors usually cut a stalk into three parts each for 20 shillings. Customers have options to peel the stalks by themselves while they eat or have the vendor peel it for them which is the most preferred option. However, vending price doesn't change whether pealed or not peeled.

Let's take for instance if a vendor buys 20 stalks for the day and sells 10. They would have spent 400 shillings as their buying price. They'll then chop them into three or two portions, let's go with three. That would be 10 multiplied by three, which makes it 30 stalks each for 20 shillings. From this calculation, these vendor would have gotten back their buying price plus a profit of 200 shillings on top. In other words, the vendor would have sold 600 shillings from 10 stalks, each sold in three portions.

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At times ,these vendors finish all their stock for the day, and even though they may look completely exhausted by the end of the day, they make much more than some one in an office somewhere earns per month. For instance if a sugarcane vendor succeeds in selling 20 stalks a day, they would have made 1200 shillings from just 400 bob. Have a look at this break-down;

-20 stalks,

-Each stalk divided into three portions makes it 60 pieces

-Each sold at 20 Bob makes a return of 1,200

That is 800 shillings clean profit, in a month that would translate to 24,000 shillings which is far much more than what many secretaries earn in Kenya.

This article is to inspire you to jump into opportunities regardless of how low they are rated. Try them out before judging them. Please share this widely to inspire others never to despise any hustle.

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