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Kenyans Massively React On Approval Of ksh. 255 Bilions Loan

It is understandable that an economy of countries across the world is deteriorating drastically since the day a covid patient was discovered in Wuhan, China. A good number of developing and those who are economically deficient are suffering a lot. Even the countries which are considered economic giants,have been shaken by this deadly disease. 

Economic dwarfed countries have to rely on foreign affairs and well wishers for survival. This is a good number of them have being given a massive amounts of loan to keep them moving and battling the disease out. How sweet is that? Well it is not that sweet though. Huge repercussions await tax payers. Kenyans are the victims of these loans.

With that in mind,the citizens are angered by continuing to borrow loans from foreign countries. A loan is not a bad business unless it in excess and people can therefore feel the burden. Kenyans have shown their dissatisfactions by beginning to a sign a petition to IMF to stop giving the government more loans. They have had enough of the burden. A good number of the citizens do not benefit from those borrowings therefore it is absurd to continue piling loan to fellow Kenyans.

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