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The Upcoming 70Million Luxurious Pub Set To Open In Mombasa

Moonlight bar is the upcoming most luxurious pub in Mombasa kenya.It has been under construction in the past three years and it is expected to commence its operation as early as September this year.The pub was designed and constructed by Ex-NYS service engineer.It took him almost three months to design it and almost one year to finish it's construction.The pub is said to be owned by the gambling site in Kenya Playabet.The construction of the pub costed worth ksh70Million.

Being constructed near the beach,the pub is expected to have more customers due to the highest number of tourists and other visitors who come to the beach for recreational activities..The pub has a swimming pool for recreational activitiesas well as underground parking for personal cars.The pub has also become more attractive to many people in the region due to it's amazing design.

The opening of this pub will be advantageous to many.It will help in boosting the economy of the country by raising alot of income from the expected large number of customers.Also creation of job opportunities to many people as many will be employed as bar attendants and waiters.

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