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Building Professional Laying Box Made Easier

Automatic laying Box

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Once you are deep in poultry farming, your expectations as a poultry farmer is eggs mainly. Without a proper nesting box, your chicken will peck your eggs and sometimes eat. As a poultry farmer we expect clean unbroken eggs. In this article i will give you ways you can build your own nesting box which is automatic and at no time your poultry will see eggs.

The idea of nesting box was approved by national Agricultural service and it is easy to build. You don't need to be a professional carpenter to build one. Iam not a carpenter but i was able to build one after my chicken started eating eggs. I did not know why they were eating but i case they were lacking some nutrients such as calcium.

 Don't even go to google how to build ,iam sharing step by step procedure for you with images illustrating how you can be started.


If you have MDF board measure and cut four equal sizes of six feet by two feet, make a box from the pieces, ensure you bottom wood is somehow slanding to enable eggs to roll away. Partition your nesting box into four using mdf. 

 Here are images showing how you can build nesting box ,leave comments below ,like and share if you are interested in poultry farming more love to you . Thanks for; courtesy

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