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China Dismisses Claims For Overburdening Kenya With Debts

Based on the critic's arguments, most of the articulated that, China government is giving Kenya debts with hidden agenda of controlling their most important assets should they default to repay them and they are blaming the China government on what is currently happening in the county. For instance, the high spark of essential commodities in Kenya due to state capture and conflict of interests due to china debts.

According to China government's ambassador to Kenya Dr Zhou Pingjig, he articulated that, their loans are being given based on project, specific projects with the aim of increasing the revenue to African's countries to increase in their exports and economic growth and development.

The ambassador elucidated that, China is not even the main creditor and the main creditors are Western countries. He asserted that, their total debt Kenya have is not even 10% of the total debt Kenya is supposed to pay.

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