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Ways Of Keeping Good Relationship Between The Employer And The Employees

Good relationship between employer and the employee can be maintained through the following ways.

Be honest. Lying erodes trust which damages the relationship between employer and the employee. Be honest in all things and they will appreciate and respect your openness.

Delegate. Give your employees an opportunity to know their responsibilities and this will help you to understand where strengths and weaknesses lie.

Set reasonable goals. Give your employees plenty of support and don't think of impossible things.

Do not micromanage. This has a negative effect on productivity because employees feel that they can not do their job with confidence.

Communicate face - to - face. Talk to your employees directly and give them responsibilities personally rather than through emails or notice boards.

Include employees in important decisions. Consider your employees in special decisions to enforce team work.

Improve motivation. Set activities such as recognizing results, taking plenty of breaks and giving tokens where applicable.

Be fair. Treat all your team equally by enforcing the same rules, have a positive attitude and reward success equally.

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