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How To Improve Your Economic Status With Hustler Funds.

Yesterday, president of the republic of Kenya launched a loan program that will enable a common citizens get access to soft loan at a cheaper price and easily. Yesterday only, the government released 400 million that will be disbursed to individual citizens by dialing a code in any network.

Most of Kenyan citizens think that the loan that are being issued over the phone is meant to start business. But in real sense, their is no small enterprise that you can start with Ksh.500 only that will accommodate to feed you and your family. In Kenya, to start a medium business set up will require you some legal fees that exceeds the loan given.

In contrary, if have skills such as hairdressing, make up, electrical installation and repair and other common skill and hobbies, you can benefit from hustler loan and change your status completely. Take it like this, if you have a make up skills, you can use that money to buy small quantities of cosmetics and other cheap tools of doing the job. If the tools are expensive, you can use the option of hire purchase or even rent them. After the first job, you can use the salary to add tools of the job and some more cosmetics. After doing that for one month, am very sure you will be able to pay the loan you acquired and you will have a business and some cash in your pocket.

If you have a business already, you can use the money to purchase stock that is highly in demand such that it will be bought very fast make profit and pay the loan. If you are doing a supply business, you can and the stock that you will supply and at the end you will add a little profit.

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