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Remarks From Gabriel Oguda Concerning The Central Bank Of Kenya.

Gabriel Oguda who is among famous people on social media in Kenya and one of Azimio LA umoja allies today tweeted on his twitter page that Good morning to all hustlers who have bank loans in Kenya. The Central Bank of Kenya has raised its key interest rates by 50 basis points from 8.25% to 8.75%, setting the stage for costly loans for ordinary citizens and businesses. Semeni dainaste mbaya.

Our inflation is largely cost push and Imported inflation, not demand driven. Making credit costly would address demand driven inflation. Boosting exports and foreign exchange stability will deal with imported inflation.

Time to suffer, President Uhuru warned the people. My Kenya didn't hear him. Time for the hustlers to feel the pinch.

Aziminions are trying so hard,this thing you trying to sell that hustlers are suffering can't sell, whether we buy Unga at 1k for 2kg or cooking oil at 3k per liter as long as this two thugs are out of our government we are happy, otherwise salimia the guava eating Kolenyo watus

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